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Commercial applications are where LED Lighting has the biggest benefit.  In commercial buildings, lighting generally accounts for the single biggest use of electricity.  Lighting fixtures also require more frequent maintenance, often times using lifts or other special equipment due to light fixtures being in inacessable locations.

Some Commercial Lighting Facts

  • Lighting accounts for 39% of all electricity usage in Office Buildings
  • Lighting accounts for 30% of all electricity usage in Education Buildings
  • Lighting accounts for 43% of all electricity usage in Retail Buildings
  • Lighting accounts for 43% of all electricity usage in Healthcare Buildings
  • Lighting accounts for 55% of all electricity usage in Lodging Buildings
  • Energy costs represent about 19% of total expenditures for the typical office building.

Common Commercial Lighting Problems

Ballasts - Lighting fixtures used in commercial buildings are most often fluorescent or HID type fixtures.  Both of these types of fixtures contain ballasts which provide the lamps with the proper starting and operating electrical conditions.  Ballasts waste energy because of their poor power factor and high harmonic distortion levels.  Ballasts also increase cooling costs because of the heat they produce.  Old magnetic type ballasts and T12 lamps are the worst offenders when it comes to robbing electricity.

Light Quality - Fluorescent and HID lighting fixtures often have poor light quality resulting in reduced visibility and flickering lights.  These problems can cause headaches, reduced sales, and reduced productivity.

Color Rendering - Traditional light sources such as fluorescent or HID lighting often have a low CRI or Color Rendering Index.  CRI is the ability of a light source to accurately reproduce colors.  Hight CRI light sources such as LED lighting can make retail products look more desirable to consumers and increase sales.  LED lighting also has no UV radiation which can shorten product life.

Maintenance - Traditional lighting fixtures require frequent lamp and ballast replacements.  Maintenance on these fixtures usually needs to be performed by trained personnel.  Becuase of the inaccessable location of many commercial lighting fixtures, special equipment is often needed and maintenance is very expensive.

Lighting fixtures that are not maintained properly can reduce light levels causing an unsafe or even hazardous condition.  LED lighting fixtues have a life expectancy of 50,000 - 100,000 hours and are virtually maintenance free.

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