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Lighting Control

Lighing Control saves energy, saves money, and can enhance the ambiance or mood of a home or business.

Motion and occupancy sensors can detect if a person is in or has left an room and turn the lights on or off so lighting is used only when needed.  Timers and daylight sensing can also be used to control indoor and outdoor lighting to insure the lighting fixtures are used only when needed, saving energy and extending the life of the fixtures.

Dimmers can create mood and save electricity by lowering the wattage requirements of lighting fixtures. Many of the LED products we sell and install are dimmable for even greater energy savings and fixture life.

A properly designed Lighting Control System is the perfect compliment to the LED Lighting products we sell.

Lighting Control Facts

  • Dimming the lights just 25% saves 20% in electricity
  • Installing one dimmer in place of a standard light switch in every U.S. home would save $230 million per year in electricity
  • Replacing a standard light switch with a dimmer can save up to $30 per year
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