Traditional HID lighting is used in almost every commercial building.  These light fixtures operate at extremely high wattages, for long periods of time, and consume large amounts of electricity.  See why LED technology is superior to traditional HID lighting sources.


HID Warehouse, Security, and Parking Lot Lighting

Expensive Operating Costs – HID lighting is often used for long durations, as much as 10-16 hours at a time, often at fixture wattages of 400 – 1000 watts.

High Maintenance Costs – HID lighting lamp and ballast repair and maintenance is very expensive, quite often involving expensive special equipment for high reach locations.

Mercury – HID lamps like fluorescent lamps contain dangerous Mercury content, and when spent, are commonly classified as hazardous waste.

Poor Light Quality – HID lighting often has very poor light quality or color rendition, and is prone to flickering or buzzing.

Slow Re-strike – HID lamps can often take a few minutes to reach full lumen output.


LED Replacement Lighting for HID Applications

Low Operating Costs – LED lighting is the most energy efficient lighting on the market, up to 10 times more efficient than HID fixtures.  LED fixtures can be used for long durations at a fraction of the cost of similar HID lighting fixtures.

Low Maintenance Costs – LED high-bay and security lighting have zero maintenance for up to 100,000 hours.

No Mercury – LED light fixtures are environmentally friendly and contain no mercury.

Excellent Light Quality – LED lighting offers superior light quality and color rendering, with no flickering or buzzing.  Studies show both Males and Females feel signifigantly SAFER with LED Lights installed.

Instant On – LED light fixtures have instant re-strike and full lumen output.

We have LED solutions for replacement of almost every type of HID lighting.  LED Lighting has many cost saving benefits over HID installations.

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LED Commercial Lighting
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