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LED Lighting Benefits

Fluorescent tube lighting is one of the most probematic of all traditional lighting sources.  See why LED technology is far superior to the traditional fluorescent light.


Linear fluorescent lamps and ballasts  - 40 watts each (4 ft)

Poor Light Quality – Fluorescent tubes often flicker and have poor light quality causing headaches or other health issues.

Mercury – Fluorescent tubes contain harmful Mercury and require proper recycling.

Buzzing and Vibration – Fluorescent ballasts can vibrate and buzz excessively creating an uncomfortable or even dangerous work environment.

Heat – Fluorescent ballasts emit large amounts of heat increasing cooling costs.

Maintenance – Fluorescent ballasts require frequent maintenance and can decrease lamp life.

Interference – Fluorescent lighting emits not only visible light, but a variable amount or infrared (IR) emission.


LED Replacement Tubes - 15 watts each (4 ft)

Excellent Light Quality – LED replacement lamps provide pure light, high color rendition, and flicker free operation.  Studies show that perceived improvements in light quality increase productivity.

No Mercury – LED replacement lamps are Mercury free and require no special handling or recycling.

Shatter-Proof Design – Will not break even if dropped.

Double Energy Savings – LED replacement tubes do not require a ballast eliminating excessive heat, buzzing and vibration associated with typical fluorescent lighting.

Low Maintenance – LED replacement tubes have a more than a 50,000 hour lifespan with zero maintenance.

Flexible Installation – LED replacement tubes can be used in 120~277VAC input environments.

No interference – Perfect for settings where precise instruments can be disturbed by fluorescent tubes.


Earth LED DirectLED
EarthLED DirectLED FL
EarthLED DirectLED FLEarthLED DirectLED FLEarthLED DirectLED FL
EarthLED DirectLED FL

DirectLED FL - T8/T10/T12 Tube Replacement 

DirectLED FL Utilizes large arrays of high power LEDs to provide up to 2400 lumens (length dependant) of quality, flicker-free light.  DirectLED FL is an economical way to replace commonly used fluorescent tubes in your home or business. 

Specifications and Dimensions:

- Power Consumption: 
  8 Watts (2 Ft. / 60 CM)
  15 Watts (4 Ft. / 120 CM)  
  24 Watts (6 Ft. / 183 CM)

- Light Engine:
  180 LED (2 Ft. / 60 CM)
  300 LED (4 Ft. / 120 CM)   
  420 LED (6 Ft. / 183 CM)

- Input Voltage: AC 110~277V or 12V DC
- Luminous Flux: 
   800 Lumens (2 Ft. / 60 CM)
  1500 Lumens (4 Ft. / 120 CM)   
  2400 Lumens (6 Ft. / 183 CM)

- Color Temperature: 3000K (Warm), 4100K (Neutral), 5800 K (Cool) 
- CRI: 90 (Typical) 
- Lifespan: > 50,000 Hours (MTBF)
- Operating Temperature: -4~104°F (-20~40ºC)
- Construction: Impact resistant plastic & integrated heat sink
- Physical Dimensions: 
   Diameter - 1.18 Inches (3 CM)
 - Base Types Available: Bi Pin T8, T10, T12 Compatible 

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